Ben Sollee – Live

It’s not often that we get a lead cellist in our venue, but we sure are glad we did. Lexington, Kentucky native and singer-songwriter Ben Sollee showed us the limits of his instrument, and quite frankly, the limits of music. Sollee frolics across genres, touching folk, jazz, blues, and the music of his home town: bluegrass. He pushes the envelope with regard to technique and style in a way that only a master could. When he’s not blowing the lid off of every pre-conceived musical notion he can find, Sollee is active in environmental and social issues, even going so far as to ride his bike, cello and all, 300 miles to perform at Bonnaroo. Here we have a taste of the wonderful set he gave us with a live recording of his piece “The Globe.”

Video Credits_

Directed and Edited By: Matt Day
Audio Engineering: Dave DeCristo
Produced By: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo, Matt Day
Cameras: Alex Curry, Matt Maydick