King Tuff – Live

Vermont native Kyle Thomas, also known as King Tuff, and his band members Magic Jake (bass) and Garrett Goddard (drums), came through Signal Kitchen to share music off of their self-titled album, King Tuff, which was released on Sub Pop records a few weeks prior to the show. Thomas began pursuing the King Tuff vision in 2006 between his involvement in the freak-folk band Feathers and the metal band Witch. The album, which was met with praise by fans and critics, was mostly the sole doing of Thomas himself who carefully yet emphatically injected his energy and charisma into all facets of the production. The no frills attitude of the album is part of its charm, successfully keeping alive the spirit of rock with no gimmicks attached. At the show, the group easily won over a hometown crowd with their heavy guitar laden jams and outgoing personalities. Catch a glimpse of the performance with our video of the opening track of the album, titled “Anthem.”

Video Credits_

Directed and Edited By: Matt Day
Audio Engineering: Dave DeCristo
Produced By: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo, Matt Day
Cameras: Matt Maydick, Alex Curry