Maps & Atlases – Live

Indie rock, alternative rock, math rock – whatever you want to call it, Maps & Atlases does it well. From intricately rhythmic guitar licks to warm, folk-influenced vocals, the group has certainly carved a well-deserved space for themselves in a crowded genre. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the foursome traveled to Signal Kitchen to give us a taste of their modern folksy vibes. The group features Erin Elders on guitar, Shiraz Dada on bass, Chris Hainey on drums, and Dave Davison on vocals and guitar. Coming from all different parts of the country, the members of the band all met in art school in Chicago in 2004 and shortly thereafter joined forces to put out their first collaborative effort, the Bird Barnyard EP, which was unofficially released. Since then, they have put out four more EPs and two full albums, the latest of which was released in 2012 and titled Beware and Be Grateful. Have a look at our video of their live performance of “Fever” at Signal Kitchen.

Video Credits_

Directed and Edited By: Matt Day
Audio Engineering: Dave DeCristo
Produced By: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo, Matt Day
Cameras: Brandon Jones, Matt Maydick