Floating Action – Live

Blackmountain, North Carolina’s Seth Kauffman and crew came to Signal Kitchen on October 21, 2014 to perform as Floating Action on the heels of their newest release, Body Questions. In the studio, Kauffman is the sole producer, writer, and musician of the recorded works under the same name, but while performing live he is joined by Josh Carpenter on drums, Evan Martin on keys, Michael Libramento and/or Mark Capon on bass, and Brian Landrum on guitar.

The group is unlike most of its indie rock contemporaries in that its shunning of oft-coveted boisterousness may appear at first to be a lack of complexity, when really it is an invitation into a deeper space within the music. Kauffman’s subtlety is a thread of beauty that ties together the seams of each of his works to create something that can envelop you once you step inside. Favoring clean, spacious vibes over trite melodic gimmicks that often plague the genre, Kauffman has succeeded in creating a beautiful headspace to get lost in.

Audio Credits_

Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo
Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo