Caveman – Live

Coming to us from Brooklyn, New York, Caveman is an indie-rock/pop quintet featuring Matthew Iwanusa on vocals/guitar/drums, Jimmy Carbonetti on guitar, Jeff Berall on bass/vocals, Sam Hopkins on keyboard/vocals, and Stefan Marolachakis on drums/vocals. 2013 marks the band’s sophomore album, self-titled as Caveman. This release follows their debut record CoCo Beware which they initially released themselves in 2011.

The group’s take on rock is not as straight forward as the “indie-rock” label it’s given. While they could be classified as such, they have achieved a level of artistry in their songwriting that should put them on a higher level than most. Their music is somewhat experimental, hinting at psychedelic ideas, but retaining traditional pop sensibilities. They have the ability to pull listeners in with dream-like harmonic structures that build and become trance-inducing by the end of a tune. All this is only a backdrop for their emotive melodies which float subtly along throughout their spacious yet somehow intimate arrangements.

Set List_

  1. Thankful
  2. Shut You Down
  3. Ankles
  4. A Country’s King of Dreams
  5. Where’s the Time
  6. December 28th
  7. In the City
  8. I See You
  9. Old Fiend
  10. Over My Head
  11. Easy Water

Audio Credits_

Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo
Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo