Born Ruffians – Live

On the verge of releasing their latest studio album Birthmarks, Canadian indie rock band Born Ruffians joined us at Signal Kitchen in preparation for their launch party in New York. Those in attendance were lucky enough to have the opportunity to pick up the album before its official release date. The album marks the group’s fourth full release since 2004 and we were ecstatic to hear the new sound. Returning to the principles of the creative work-flow of their first album, the group decided to live together during the recording process and took up residence in a “haunted” farmhouse in Ontario until the album was complete. The band, comprised of Mitch Derosier on bass guitar, Adam Hindle on drums, Luke Lalonde on guitar, and Andy Lloyd on guitar played their hearts out for us in their characteristically playful style until there were nothing but smiles in the crowd. Judging from their set, the album is clearly a labor of love and we couldn’t be happier that the guys decided to let Burlington in on it before the proper launch date.

Set List_

  1. Badonkadonkey
  2. Kurt Vonnegut
  3. I’m One Of Those Girls
  4. Ocean’s Deep
  5. Rage Flows
  6. Too Soaked
  7. What To Say
  8. Merry Little Fancy Things
  9. Retard Canard
  10. With Her Shadow
  11. Cold Pop
  12. Barnacle Goose
  13. Hummingbird
  14. Needle
  15. Little Garçon
  16. I Need A Life

Audio Credits_

Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo
Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo