Booker T. Jones – Live

Memphis-born Booker T. Jones is a legend in R&B and soul. His career has lasted over 50 years and seen 10 album releases spanning from Green Onions in 1962 to Sound the Alarm in 2013. Jones is a multi-talented instrumentalist, performing on the organ, piano, keys, saxophone, guitar, bass, trombone, oboe, and of course, vocals. The depth and breadth of his work, both live and in the studio, has earned him a lifetime achievement Grammy award.

Jones joined us at Signal Kitchen to perform over 3 hours of music with Vernon Black on guitar, Darian Gray on drums, and Melvin Brannon, Jr. on bass. Hearing the group perform such a deep catalog of music is like a history lesson in R&B. Jones’ approachable and effortless style gives the impression (and rightfully so) that his music is truly a part of his being – it is his essence. If you’re looking for definitive soul music, look no further because this is it.

Audio Credits_

Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo
Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo