Vacationer – Live

Often described as ‘Nu-Hula’ or ‘World Wave’, Vacationer’s music lives up to the creativity of the names of the genres they explore. Based out of both Philadelphia, PA and Brooklyn, NY the band features Kenny Vasoli on lead vocals and bass, Matthew Young on the vibes and backing vocals, Michael Mullin on keyboards and backing vocals, Greg Altman on guitar and backing vocals, and Ryan Zimmaro on drums. The group released their first full length album, titled Gone, in 2012 and have been touring ever since. 2014 marked the release of Relief, their sophomore album, which secured them a spot at #10 in the ‘Top Heatseekers’ chart.

Vacationer has earned their place atop the world of Nu-Hula through their pleasantly care-free, dream-like soundscapes atop rhythmic ideas that call upon influences from traditional Caribbean, Polynesian, and Hawaiian music alongside influences from rock, pop, and hip-hop. As if that wasn’t unique enough, their signature blend of sound is fused together neatly by Vasoli’s vocals, which have a strong flavor of indie-pop that helps to make the eccentricity of the sonic environment relatable and easy to get lost in – in a beautiful way. Never has a band’s name been more accurate. Enjoy our recording of their performance at Signal Kitchen.

Audio Credits_

Producers: Alex Lalli, David DeCristo
Audio Engineer: David DeCristo