The Recipe | St. Beauty [Mixtape & Interview]

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, St. Beauty has crafted a special vibe that’s not quite like anything else we’ve heard. Their songs tell tales of relationships, love, and life that manage to cut deep while still remaining light and uplifting about the nature of what they’re exploring. Not dissimilar to that juxtaposition, the duo is often heard over sparse, spacey arrangements with cutting, soulful vocals that buoyantly sway in between the rhythms and appropriately minimal textures of the arrangement. Their latest single “Going Nowhere” is available as of August 2015 on The Eephus, presented by Wondaland, alongside tracks by Janelle Monáe, Jidenna, and other Wondaland label-mates.

The duo (comprised of Alex Belle and Isis Valentino) came to Signal Kitchen with The Internet for a sold out show in September and clued us in to some of the music they’ve been listening to lately for the 7th installment in our Recipes series. Their mixtape is a journey through a variety of flavors of R&B with tracks by The Internet, Thundercat, and Little Dragon and into rock n’ roll territory with tracks by MGMT and Alabama Shakes, among others. Enjoy this glimpse into the taste of a wonderful pair of artists and a brief Q&A about some of their creative influences.

Isis, what inspires you about Alex’s approach to music? Alex – same question, but vice versa. Isis: I love Alex’s approach to music. The lyrics and melodies she comes up with always help to get the wheels churning in my head. She’s dope and it helps make me become better as a writer & singer. Alex: What inspires me about Isis and her approach to music is her skill in melodies and her clever choice of words in lyrics; also, her style of producing.

Do you find yourselves being influenced more from your contemporaries or from artists of other eras? Both inspire us. We are around our contemporaries so we are inspired, and music evolves so the other eras have def inspired us—we respect other artists.

What sources of inspiration do you draw from outside of music that affect the way you write and perform? Sources of inspiration outside of music that have affected the way we write and perform are the seasons and the relationships we come across, life…

What kind of strategies or techniques would you suggest for anyone struggling to find creative inspiration? Creative inspiration is a personal journey so find out what gives you peace of mind.

What do you hope to inspire in others? We hope to inspire others to be carefree and honest. 

Check out one of our favorite tunes by St. Beauty: “Going Nowhere”

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“A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal.” — Pat Conroy