Helping to expose our community to one of Vermont's most loved craft breweries.

Now one of the most popular craft breweries in Vermont, there was a time when Zero Gravity was a well-loved yet small Burlington brand with its beer only available at American Flatbread. We connected with the Zero Gravity team and decided to partner and give their products a near exclusive space at the bar in our venue. Through tastefully branded environmental design and a heavy majority of the product share, we were able to expose new audiences to the brand through our diverse lineup of concerts, film screenings, gallery openings, and other events.

Zero Gravity [Event Production & Brand Development]

For over a year our crowds almost exclusively enjoyed Zero Gravity. Along the way we teamed up with Select Design to produce and market a series of concerts called “Select Sessions” that would be presented to the public by Zero Gravity. The idea was a hit and we sold out every event.

As the success of the series grew, we were able to present Zero Gravity with more opportunities to present shows. Fast forward to now and Zero Gravity has exploded onto Vermont’s competitive brewing scene and has become one of the largest craft brewers in the state. We’re so proud to see our friends thrive, and are humbled to have been a part of their journey.


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