Bringing a brand to a new market.

Commune is an event series focused on speaking out against tobacco corporations and their presence in the art scene. Each event aims to bring music, art and culture under one roof for a just cause. The brand, already established in major markets like San Diego and San Francisco, came to us to help produce their first monthly event series on the East Coast.

Over the course of 3 years, with thoughtful booking and promotion, we brought thousands of people to the events and sold out nearly every show. In the spirit of creativity, we connected the brand with local artists to create custom artwork for each event. We staffed photographers for each event. We also produced video for the company from footage we captured at the shows. We ran all elements of production for the events including contracting, advancing, artist relations, settlement, and more. We marketed each event through targeted digital advertisements, press outreach, and print campaigns carried out by our street team.

Commune [Production & Marketing for a National Event Series]

Our efforts have helped to establish the Commune brand in New England and as a result have created a strong community of new supporters who are enthusiastic in upholding the message of the brand, following its social media offerings, and attending events.


Event Production
Video & Audio Production