Pours – Studio

Burlington duo Bryan Parmelee and Chris Shar came together in our studios to record their self-titled eight-track LP Pours. The album, released in 2014 on Burlington’s own Section Sign Records, is the pair’s debut effort – and a solid one at that. The record is characterized by dark and delicate vocals over intricate synth and guitar work along with drum patterns that range from creatively sparse to heavy and driving – at times even disappearing entirely while the duo ventures into ambient territory such as in “Interbrood.” The guys shared their musical vision and worked closely with us in the studio to co-produce the record and we couldn’t be happier with the collaborative nature of the result. We certainly look forward to their future releases. Check out the track “Unveiled” from their time at Signal Kitchen.

Audio Credits_

Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo, Bryan Parmelee, Chris Shar
Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo