Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre is a psychedelic folk group from Canada. The band’s latest release, Hot Dreams is Timber Timbre from its most vivid cinematic vantage. Taylor Kirk and bandmate Simon Trottier daub vibrant colour across the band’s ever-evolving palette, connecting arid western to plodding horror with the pomp of Hollywood phantasm. Hot Dreams caches the hollow grey tones of Timber Timbre (2009), and the angular doo-wop haunt of Creep On Creepin’ On (2011) in smoothed viscous tonality: new sonic admissions chiming sensuality and caprice, melancholy and petulance. The consonance of Mika Posen’s strings mingle with vintage contributions from Olivier Fairfield on drums and Mathieu Charbonneau on an array of synthesizers – integral players in Timber Timbre’s lineage returning to add multiple instruments to the album’s balmy clime. Hot Dreams, Timber Timbre’s third studio full-length for Arts & Crafts, is coated in a languid aura that has taken on a taut dual personality in Timber Timbre’s enchanting live performances.