The Internet

The Internet are a Californian trip-hop duo consisting of vocalist Syd Tha Kid and producer Matt Martians. They came to prominence around 4 years ago as Syd toured with Hip-Hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, as their DJ. While Martians, illustrated artwork for a variety of OF releases.

Since then the pair combined on their own project, and have since released two successful and critically acclaimed albums, “Purple Naked Ladies” and “Feel Good.” When you read the words Odd Future you may immediately think of the controversial and brazen style of hip-hop that have propelled the likes of Earl Sweatshirt and, Tyler, The Creator to the forefront of rap in recent years. Yet, The Internet could not be more contrasting to the rest of the group if they tried. Their musical style could be described as a cross of soul and funk, a stark contrast to their peers. But the swirling synths, delicate piano strokes and live percussion on their tracks are more reminiscent of early NERD material. This makes sense seeing as various members have cited Pharrell Williams as a strong influence on the group. When the Internet play live it is a relaxing affair. Bringing with them full live band to perform soothing soul pleasers such as hit single “Dontcha” and “You Don’t Even Know”, while Syd occasionally delivers the signature blunt lyricism on tracks such as “She DGAF” that remind you that you are still technically at an Odd Future show. The Internet last performed in the UK during the spring of 2013, but as several OF members gear up for their own individual tours, don’t be surprised to see The Internet popping up at a venue near you very soon!