Sound of Mind (medium big band)

Sound of Mind is raw audio bliss and contrast in motion, by turns a lush instrumental tapestry of lyrical beauty and intense interlocking parts and improvisation. A collective of some of the Northeast’s finest players from groups as widely disparate as Vorcza, Strength in Numbers, the Barr Brothers, Dave Holland big band, Madaila, Kat Wright, Barika, and Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown Orchestra, S.O.M features the writing of bassist Robinson Morse and the playing of Taylor Haskins (trumpet, e.v.i. & effects), Luke Laplant (bari sax and effects), Jake Whitesell (alto and tenor sax), Andrew Moroz (trombone and keys), Parker Shper (keys and synth), Max Bronstein (guitar), PJ Davidian (percusssion) and Dan Ryan (drums).