Little Slugger

When Little Slugger steps on stage they deliver energetic rock and roll with “rowdy appeal, worth experiencing again and again.” (Seven Days) Built on imaginative arrangements, howling vocals, and driving horn lines, the five-piece Burlington, Vermont band writes songs that are at once intricate and raucous. Featuring members of Busted Brix, You Know Ono, Eastern Mountain Time, The North End Honeys, and Madaila, the band is a versatile crew that has worked hard at their craft and become familiar faces in the Burlington music (and bar) scene.

Little Slugger’s sound leads off somewhere around alt-country, rounds second base with the mayhem of garage rock and grunge, and brings it all home with a melodic sensibility and originality that is “equal parts twang and crunch”. (Seven Days) They are held together by close friendship and an intense passion for music that is evident every time they perform.