Behind the decks since the turn of the century, CRWD CTRL knows many names and locations. From South Beach Miami, to Downtown Denver, San Diego, Albany, Milwaukee, NYC and Boston, this traveled DJ and musical talent has as much musical smarts as mileage covered. Everything from classic soul and extensive vinyl knowledge, to contemporary and future house/tech/hip-hop vibes, the taste is comprehensive and well-acquired. One fan best sums it up: “You seem to always pick the beat that I could listen to for hours and still keep grooving.”

Currently residing in Burlington, Vermont, and a DJ since 2000, his technique has him working the decks flying to various cities around the Country. Represent- ing Boston / New York / Colorado, he bumps his brand of Tech / House / Hip Hop / Soul all chopped up into a dance floor salad for you to consume en mass. His lengthy resume thus far has seen him open for the likes of Tommie Sunshine, Paul Johnson, Frankie Bones, DJ Hyperactive, Harry Romero, Mighty Mouse, Woody McBride, & Terry Mullan.