#1 Kid – Live

Brooklyn, NY based band #1 Kid is the brain child of Adam Dotson. The group formed in 2012 and released their debut EP Boytones in 2013. The guys came to Signal Kitchen to perform a selection of tracks from the EP for us. The group consists of Adam Dotson on vocals, trombone and euphonium, Dave Cole on drums, Jordan Brooks on bass, Darby Wolf on keys, and Ian Hersey on guitar. Although the group’s catalog is quite small at the moment, they have shown promise with their selection of chamber-pop stylings. With a laid-back, nonchalant vibe, the music is very approachable and comfortable. The band has described their tunes as “music you can dance to or go to the bathroom to.” It is seemingly directionless, but feels poignant and purposeful in that sentiment. We look forward to more releases from them in the future.

Set List_

  1. Take Your Time
  2. July 23rd
  3. On the Lake
  4. Afterlife
  5. Raining

Audio Credits_

Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo
Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo